ISR Service Router

High density BNG solution, capable of aggregating 50,000 subscribers in 2U, with DPI technology, traffic engineering and lawful monitoring.

B1-Business Router

Business Router & CPE

Set up a home office networks for business and personal use with the necessary security features to keep yourself and your business protected online.

VSR Virtual Router

Replace your hardware routers with the VSR with same routing functions which is easy to deploy & manage.

MSG Hotspot Gateway

Manage & monetise Wi-Fi for any public areas requiring hotspot wireless access. The all-in-one solution eliminates the need for multi-device deployment.

Keylong Lawful Logging

Large enterprises and service providers can collect, aggregate, store, parse and analyse very large volumes of flow records generated by IP network equipment to meet the GoI Compliances.

Wireless Access Point

Maximum performance, Total coverage and easy management from the cloud to empower any business network of any size.

Intelligent Networks​

A secured, scalable, cloud managed WiFi solution for monitoring and management of your distributed wireless network in a cost-effective manner.