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Unlike large businesses, small businesses don’t need large networks to support themselves and/or any employees online. Some small businesses seek to cut costs even further and keep office space within the owner’s home. Business routers are useful for these users, who can use them to set up home office networks for business and personal use. With these routers, small office networks and home office networks will be equipped with the necessary security features to keep themselves and their business protected online.

B1-Business Router is a SOHO router that has five independent Gigabit Ethernet ports for wire-speed Gigabit throughput. It is ideal for locations where cost-effective and reliable wire network connectivity is required. The B1-Business Router guarantees reliable, highly secure access and high-speed wire connectivity for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMSE).

Powerful Routing Performance for Small and Home Offices

Inventum B1-Business Router Series supports Gigabit Ethernet connections which guarantee high-speed wired connectivity. Small-sized businesses can create secure, reliable enterprise-class networks in their homes or small offices.


Utilizing state-of-the-art software and hardware innovations, Inventum Routers are redefining the network edge. The B-Series provides performance and feature-packed small business routers. The standard B-Series firmware includes an IPv4/IPv6 routing stack, NAT, Firewall, and L2-L3 router functions, and a host of other protocols for the modern business.


Inventum’s very own Linux-derived operating system drives the control plane. inventOS™ makes it easy to extend the control plane using software modules that are shared across all Inventum routers. The custom data plane uses Intel’s DPDK and Inventum’s proprietary hardware to deliver hundreds of gigabits of ultrafast performance at an impressive price-performance ratio.

Broadband Network Gateway (BNG)

Aggregate wireless & wireline subscribers in FTTH, DSL, Wi-Fi, VSAT & many other networks. Supports major protocols along with session QoS (HQoS), DPI, packet accounting, and lawful logging.

Integrated Security

The B Series uses high-performance firewall security to protect users from Internet attacks.

Visitor & Employee Captive Portal

Authenticate each network connection, followed by policy based access. Policies for QoS (HQoS) & logging traffic for compliance. Connect to any external portal with AAA (RADIUS) support.

B1-Business Router

  • High-speed wire connectivity ideal for small office deployments
  • Firewall protection
  • Enterprise security
  • Electrical interfaces
  • Fixed on-board 5 x GE interfaces

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Unified Communications
  • Easily Shared Internet
  • Robust Security
  • Greater Longevity
  • Low Cost of Ownership

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