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B/OSS for Internet Service Providers

Inventum UNIFY™ SMP is the ideal B/OSS platform for service providers to manage their business end to end. It is also used extensively in data centers, VoIP billing & roll out of large-scale hotspot services such as in Smart Cities.


Customer acquisition to life-cycle management is addressed by the UNIFY™ CRM. The solution provides key functionality such as customer helpdesk, service management, financial transactions, and a self-care portal. Service providers can also use several out-of-the-box customer process workflows to streamline their business operations.

Order Management

From capturing orders to provisioning services, the UNIFY™ OM does it all. Automate Customer acquisition forms (CAF), sign-up, KYC, plan changes, upgrades, downgrades, temporary suspension, and related processes. The system also allows the creation of custom order workflows to accommodate myriad requirements of service providers.


The UNIFY™ provides a core workflow engine that is central to the automation of key approval tasks. Complex flows involving both customers and staff such as Free trials of services and confirmation of charges can be managed easily through the system.

Postpaid Billing

The powerful convergent Postpaid billing & invoicing system is designed to handle millions of customers. The UNIFY™ allows easy personalisation of charges, packages, invoice formats, custom (multiple) bill cycles, and redirection charges to different customer entities.

Prepay Charging & Voucher Management System

With real-time rating & charging, the UNIFY™ enables services such as retail quota limited data plans, one-time use services, and chargeable Wi-Fi hotspots. The integrated UNIFY™ voucher management system makes it easy to electronically deliver recharge or top-up cards (PIN/OTP).


Comprehensive customer ticket management system with multiple channels including email, chat, and social media. Agents use a conversational style interface to reply and resolve tickets. Custom status, priority, and automated agent assignment are catered for with SLA reporting.

Financial Accounting

Double-entry book-keeping with support for multiple books and multi multiple currencies. The accounting system is pre-integrated with the CRM, billing, and charging to provide a seamless solution for managing transactions of customers, resellers, point-of-sale & vendors.

Revenue Management

Completely automate accounts receivables with built-in invoice Dunning and customer credit limits. For advance or prepay services, use the Revenue Recognition tool to automatically accrue revenue proportionate to consumption. Tools to manage AR, AP, refunds, sales reversals & more.

Reseller Management

Resellers & channel partners of a service provider can be offered a controlled virtualised B/OSS for their operations management. The parent service provider may delegate access to a reseller for activities such as customer onboarding, service creation, service recharge & receivables collection while retaining the privacy of data between different resellers.


Standards compliant authentication, authorisation, and accounting solution that integrates with all major network access servers (NAS). The Inventum ISP AAA server is pre-integrated with the UNIFY™ CRM, Self Care, and Login Portal making it easy for customers to launch services.

Self-Care, Login & Captive Portal

Allows customers to access their accounts online. They can manage services, view & pay invoices, recharge, or purchase items from the store. At hotspots, the login portal enables multiple flows from free access to premium plans with instant purchase, OTP verification & activation.

Mobile Apps

With Inventum Mobile Apps, improve your market penetration while enabling a better user experience for resellers and customers.

Routers & Virtual Routers

Inventum offers a range of multi-gigabit integrated services routers suitable for service providers, enterprises, small businesses, and hotspot venues. All Inventum routers are based on inventOS™ which features a modular architecture with an independent control plane and an ultra high-speed data plane.

Business Routers and CPE

Business Routers /CPEs are available in multiple form factors, our business routers/CPEs feature a solid routing & switching core with IP filtering, firewall, WAN load balancing, and website URL filtering. Select models support IPSec & SSL VPN support for a complete branch office solution.

Service Provider Routers

Integrated services routers that can play multiple roles in a network. Deploy for gateway connections or enable the BNG module for subscriber & service aggregation. Other modules include WAG, and DPI.

Cloud Routers

Available as an AMI on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud router from Inventum allows organisations to run a cost-effective routing and VPN solution in the cloud. Other use cases include load balancing and inter host routing, NAT and firewall filters.

Virtual Routers

Available as a software image on supported hypervisors, the virtual router allows commodity servers to be converted into a full-featured router. Businesses can use the virtual router at branch offices while service providers may deploy it as a vCPE.

Broadband Network Gateway (BNG)

The Inventum BNG is a gateway responsible for establishing connections from subscribers into the broadband network. The BNG authenticates all incoming subscribers, applies network policies and accounts for usage. It integrates with AAA servers, login portals, and lawful monitoring systems.

Inventum also provides a virtual BNG that runs on x86 servers. Service providers can consider our zero CAPEX vBNG to get started immediately. The offering includes virtual routers as part of the subscription allowing any server (PC) on the facility to be used as a gateway router for the hotspot(s).

The BNG is available as a module on our ISR & VSR Routers.


  • Works in FTTH, FTTB, DSL, Wi-Fi Hotspots and Mobile
  • Authentication modes – Portal, PPPoE, GRE, IPoE & DHCP
  • Policy enforcement using RADIUS server or PCRF
  • Subscriber session accounting
  • Session IP filtering & content filtering using DPI module
  • Models for 1,000 to 50,000+ concurrent subscribers
  • Virtualised BNG on Inventum VSR virtual router platform

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