Routers, Access Points, Gateways, Lawful Logging, and Network Management.

Key Challenges

User Authentication

Securely allowing your patients & visitors to use Internet access is a challenge. Patients want a flexible way to log in instead of filling up long user details. Can your patient log in to Wi-Fi by OTP or their social media profile?

Content Filtering

Ensuring objectionable content is blocked is a key requirement of hospital networks. Prevent patients from browsing unwanted websites.

Bandwidth & Policy Management

Control bandwidth utilization, enforcing fair usage and access policies, location-based access restrictions, and other similar policy controls are some of the controls that hospitals need.


With growing security concerns, particularly from unverified visitors in public hotspots, most hospital owners are looking for ways to track the network activity of Wi-Fi users. Having logs to investigate cybercrimes is critical for any public hotspot.

Wi-Fi Visitor Pass

Securely allowing your patients & visitors to use Internet access is another challenge. Most healthcare facilities share a common password (WPA2-PSK) which ends up being shared or public over time, providing little security.

Patient Portal

Branded Self-service portals to allow patients to check their network activity, view usage, pay bills, and change network passwords are crucial to running any public Internet hotspot service on-premise.

WiFi Coverage

Eliminate the hassle of setting up a Wi-Fi network and enjoy a strong Wi-Fi signal that surrounds you in every corner of your facility. No matter how many points you have, they are all part of one seamless network. Need more coverage? Just add more. There are no limitations.

Hospital HIS/HMS Integration

Need to integrate with leading hospital HIS/HMS system to ease guest Wi-Fi operations.


Need patient analytics for future improvement and your marketing activities.

Inventum offers reliable and secure hospital Wi-Fi and network infrastructure solutions. These solutions help you improve patient care and allow you to offer an engaging user experience. Our products make it easy for patients, healthcare professionals, and visitors to access the necessity of Wi-Fi in any health care facility.

MSG All-in-One Solution

Inventum’s MSG gateways offer a comprehensive single-stop patient Wi-Fi solution for healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, and fitness centers. The all-in-one appliance combines the functions of a router, firewall, NAC, user directory & more in a ready-to-deploy solution. Administrators can directly connect WAN & LAN links to the appliance for end-to-end operations & management of their Wi-Fi networks. We also offer integration with leading HIS/HMS systems to make the patient’s Wi-Fi experience seamless and hassle-free.


  • All-in-One Appliance to create a Multi-Location Hospital Network
  • Flexible User Authentication
  • Bandwidth & Policy Management
  • User Mangement
  • Patient Portal
  • URL Filtering
  • Lawful Logging
  • Visitors Wi-Fi Passes
  • Reports
  • Support up to 15,000 concurrent users
  • Works with any brand of Wi-Fi access point (AP)
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Cloud Managed Wireless Access Points

Inventum offers a wide range of WiFi-5 and WiFi-6 access points, which are ideal for a variety of applications ranging from a clinic to a small hospital, to a distributed multi-site hospital network. It gives total coverage, maximum performance, and easy management from the cloud. All APs can be managed via Inventum’s Udaya Cloud platform, which allows quick and easy provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting of remote networks while at the same time-saving operational expenses and increasing customer satisfaction.


  • 100% cloud-hosted centralized Wi-Fi management
  • Flawless Wi-Fi service
  • Simultaneous Dual-Band
  • 2×2/4×4 Multi-User MIMO
  • 802.11ac/ax Wave 2 Technology
  • Supports 200+ Concurrent Users
  • Traffic Reporting & Analytics
  • OpenWiFi Supported
  • Indoor and Outdoor options are available
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