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Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface (PM-WANI) aim is to provide a Wi-Fi Internet network with better connectivity to improve digital India. This will facilitate ease of doing business and encourage local shops and small establishments to become Wi-Fi providers thereby harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of village youth thereby generating job opportunities and facilitating transparency in the delivery of citizen-centric services.


PM-WANI will help in employment creation in rural & urban areas. Now, small shopkeepers, can sell Wi-Fi services and earn income in their localities. Students can now access online educational content and do online studies, local entrepreneurs can sell their products and services online, and farmers can now have access to agriculture experts, the latest Mandi prices, and Government schemes.

Low-Cost Mass Connectivity

To facilitate ease of doing business and encourage local shops, small businesses, LCOs, and ISPs to become Wi-Fi providers, Inventum is offering ready-to-use PM-WANI-compliant products. Small and medium entrepreneurs can now quickly set up a reliable hotspot network for PM-WANI and start selling Wi-Fi to users. This will lead to increase employment for small and micro-entrepreneurs and provide them with an additional source of income. The telecom and Internet service providers will also benefit due to the sale of bandwidth to PDOs.

Our Offerings

PM-WANI Compliant Access Points

  • Fully PM-WANI compliant WiFi-5/WiFi-6 Access Points
  • Low-cost made in India product
  • Flawless Wi-Fi service
  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Cloud management
  • Flexible user authentication
  • Intuitive interface
  • Visitor Analytics
  • Indoor and Outdoor access points


  • Fully PM-WANI compliant udaya PDOA SaaS
  • End-to-end solution for ISP, WISP, Telecom & PDOAs
  • Integrated with C-DOT Registry
  • Own branding captive portal
  • Create data packs/tariff plans/Vouchers
  • Easy upgrades & service changes
  • Payment – UPI, e-Wallets, Credit/Debit Cards
  • Multi-sourced ads monetization
  • Locally storage of user data and usage logs

PM-WANI Mobile App

  • Fully PM-WANI compliant udayaWANI mobile app
  • Automated login of existing users
  • Awesome customer experience
  • Recharge, view activity, track usage
  • Seamless Roaming
  • Enterprise security
  • Custom branding and ads monetization
  • SaaS Model

PM-WANI Backend Solution

  • Made in India Broadband Network Gateway (BNG)
  • Supports any network – FTTH, FTTB, DSL, Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Session authentication – Portal, PPPoE, GRE, IPoE & DHCP
  • Policy enforcement attributes set via RADIUS server or PCRF
  • Real-time session accounting & quota management
  • IP filtering & content filtering using DPI module
  • Models for very small installations <1,000 users all the way up to 50,000+ users Virtualised BNG on Intel servers using VSR routers


Most Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Anyone can become a hotspot provider to provide WiFi to their clients, guests, or staff. The hotspot is referred to as a PDO – Public Data Office. PDO needs to buy udayaWANI access points and backend software to create a data plan and to provide WiFi in their areas. Users can download the udayaWANI App, get authenticated, and open the app. In the vicinity of the public Wi-Fi Hotspot, the udayaWANI app on the mobile phone will show various available networks. Users can then choose the Public Wi-Fi network of choice, pay an amount ‘either online or through a voucher’, and use the network till the balance is exhausted.

Who will provide bandwidth?

Any licensed ISP. This can be the same person who is today supplying bandwidth to you. Inventum can also arrange an ISP should you not have a present arrangement.

Can I use my home broadband connection as a backhaul for my PDO?

Yes, you can. As per the WANI framework, PDOs need to have an agreement/declaration with licensed Telecom Service Providers (TSP) or Internet Service Providers (ISP) for retailing of internet bandwidth. You will need to keep records as per DoT requirements which you can do using Inventum SaaS services for a small monthly fee.

What is the investment to be done by the PDOA?

The PDOA has to do a one-time investment in purchasing udayaWANI mobile app and access points. Further, PDOA has to spend monthly for the PDOA software stack and Internet bandwidth.

What is the investment to be done by the PDO?

The PDO has to do a one-time investment in purchasing an access point and its installation. Further, PDO has to spend monthly for the PDO software stack and Internet bandwidth.

Who will manage it?

Managed via the cloud and the PDO owner has to manage. We can offer a Managed Service (MSP) for an additional charge on a project case-to-case basis.

If Inventum manages it, what does the support cost?

We estimate around Rs. 500/AP per month for remote-only management. Locally customers will need to provide basic troubleshooting skills like LAN connection, ISP connection, reboot, and power. Rest will be done remotely via the 24×7 Inventum support team.

Can I create my own plan?

Yes, you can create your own plans.

What is the buying option - one-time investment/monthly billing?

Both are supported by Inventum depending on the number of locations and quantity of access points. Inventum supplies the hardware, software & compliance to operate a hotspot (PDO). We can provide this under a CAPEX or OPEX model as you wish.

*ISP bandwidth charges are to be paid directly to you.

How will I earn from PM-WANI?

It’s entirely up to you the hotspot (PDO) owner. you will get 100% of the revenue. For example, a hotel could charge guests per day but a restaurant may give free. You can create your own plans and can sell the data plan in your WiFi coverage area. The pricing of services is entirely up to you – free, daily, monthly plans are possible.

How is the revenue shared with the PDO, if the customer pays via Net banking/Debit card/ UPI/Credit card to PDOA?

The PDOA has to share the revenue with the PDO as per the agreement between the PDO and PDOA.

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