Integrated Services Router (ISR) Series of core, aggregation & edge routers are presently India’s only locally manufactured high-density BNG solution, capable of aggregating 50,000 subscribers in 2U for fixed and wireless broadband customers. With deep packet inspection technology, traffic engineering, and lawful monitoring, the ISR allows operators to launch and monetize the latest services.

Utilizing state-of-the-art software and hardware innovations, Inventum ISR Routers are redefining the network edge. Integrated Services Router guarantees network Quality of Service (QoS) and provides reliable, secure branch office connectivity. Powered by inventOS™, Integrated Services Router is SDN-ready with time-tested reliability & performance. With gigabit speeds and multiple form factors, Integrated Services Router addresses both enterprise and service provider IP networking requirements.

ISR Series is a cost-effective solution that does not compromise with a complete IPv4/IPv6 stack. It also provides advanced features like Layer-7 QoS (DPI), broadband network gateway (BNG), and a wireless access gateway (WAG) that delivers the high-performance, scale, and flexibility to support a full array of services and functions for service providers and enterprise networks.

Performance & Flexibility

Designed with completely isolated control & data planes, Integrated Services Router does not compromise performance for advanced features. We leverage the Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) specifications allowing our ISR hardware routers to share a common architecture with our VSR virtual routers. It is the future after all!


Inventum’s very own Linux derived operating system drives the control plane. inventOS™ makes it easy to extend the control plane using software modules that are shared across all Inventum routers. The custom data plane uses Intel’s DPDK and Inventum’s proprietary hardware to deliver hundreds of gigabits of ultrafast performance at an impressive price-performance ratio.

High Availability

Inventum Integrated Services Router supports all major load balancing and high availability protocols such as VRRP. Multiple control planes, multiple routers with stateful failovers enable N+1 redundancy across the range. Redundancy is also supported for advanced features such as the BNG. Our VSR virtual routers leverage the underlying hypervisor technology to enable cost-effective highly available networks.

Modular Expansion

We re-wrote the router so that you won’t need many boxes to do what should really be done in a single smart router. Our architecture allows Inventum routers to constantly add new functions atop an IP router core. For example, you could add DPI to filter traffic or aggregate broadband subscribers using the BNG module. Launching mobile data offload becomes easy by selecting the WAG module. All this without ever having to change the hardware and keeping the same inventOS™ core. That’s how we’re different.

Many Models To Choose From

Common InventOS™ Features

IPv4 & IPv6, Bridging, QinQ, Static & Dynamic Routing (OSPF, BGP, RIP, RIPng), Policy Routing, MPLS LDP, IP tunnelling (GRE), DHCP server & relay, NTP, PTP, Packet Matching, Stateful Firewall, NAT (1:n, m:n round robin), QoS, session accounting, TACACS+ and more.

L3 Service Router

  • High performance, ideal for BNG, WAG & DPI applications
  • 66 Mpps peak forwarding rate
  • Electrical & optical interfaces
  • Support for 1G, 10G, 40G & 100G interfaces
L3 Service Router Datasheet

M3 Service Router

  • Mid range, ideal for branch networking, BNG & WAG deployments
  • 11 Mpps peak forwarding rate
  • Electrical & optical interfaces
  • Support for 1G &10G interfaces
M3 Service Router Datasheet

S3 Service Router

  • Entry level, ideal for small offices or hotspots
  • 2.5 Mpps peak forwarding rate
  • Electrical interfaces
  • Fixed on-board 4 x GE interfaces
S3 Service Router Datasheet

Routers for High-Performance Connectivity

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