BNG, Broadband Policy Control, 3GPP AAA, Wi-Fi Offload.

Broadband Network Gateway (BNG)

The Inventum BNG is a gateway responsible for establishing connections from subscribers into the broadband network. The BNG authenticates all incoming subscribers, applies network policies and accounts for usage. It integrates with AAA servers, login portals, and lawful monitoring systems.

Inventum also provides a virtual BNG that runs on x86 servers. Service providers can consider our zero CAPEX vBNG to get started immediately. The offering includes virtual routers as part of the subscription allowing any server (PC) on the facility to be used as a gateway router for the hotspot(s).

The BNG is available as a module on our ISR & VSR Routers


  • Supports any network – FTTH, FTTB, DSL, Wi-Fi Hotspots and mobile data
  • Session authentication – Portal, PPPoE, GRE, IPoE & DHCP
  • Policy enforcement attributes set via RADIUS server or PCRF
  • Real-time session accounting & quota management
  • Per session IP filtering & content filtering using DPI module
  • Models for very small installations <1,000 users all the way up to 50,000+ users
  • Virtualised BNG on Intel servers using VSR routers

Routers & Virtual Routers

Inventum offers a range of multi-gigabit integrated services routers suitable for service providers, enterprises, small businesses, and hotspot venues. All Inventum routers are based on inventOS™ which features a modular architecture with an independent control plane and an ultra high-speed data plane.

Business Routers and CPE

Business Routers /CPEs are available in multiple form factors, our business routers/CPEs feature a solid routing & switching core with IP filtering, firewall, WAN load balancing, and website URL filtering. Select models support IPSec & SSL VPN support for a complete branch office solution.

Edge & Aggregation Routers

Integrated services routers that can play multiple roles in a network. Deploy for gateway connections or enable the BNG module for subscriber & service aggregation. Other modules include WAG, and DPI.

Cloud Routers

Available as an AMI on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud router from Inventum allows organisations to run a cost-effective routing and VPN solution in the cloud. Other use cases include load balancing and inter host routing, NAT and firewall filters.

Virtual Routers

Available as a software image on supported hypervisors, the VSR virtual routers allow commodity servers to be converted into a high-speed router. Businesses can use the virtual router at branch offices while service providers may deploy it as a vCPE.

Mobile Data Offload to Wi-Fi

Mobile service providers are increasingly using Wi-Fi hotspots to decongest their mobile network traffic. This process is called Mobile data offloading to Wi-Fi. It reduces the amount of data being carried on the cellular bands, freeing bandwidth for other users. It is also used in situations where local cell reception may be poor, allowing the user to connect via wired services with better connectivity. Operators can use to use either public third-party-owned hotspots (untrusted) or operator-owned Wi-Fi hotspots (trusted) to seamlessly acquire and move mobile traffic to the Wi-Fi network while retaining policy and charging control. Inventum offers products & solutions for both trusted (3GPP release 8) and untrusted (3GPP release 6) mobile offload projects.

Wireless Access Gateway (WAG & TWAG)

In 3G networks, the Inventum WAG establishes GTP tunnels to the GGSN for all user traffic arriving from the Wi-Fi network. The 3GPP Wm interface is used for EAP client authentication with HLR and tunnel establishment.

In EPC trusted networks, the Inventum TWAG establishes secure GTPv2, PMIP, or MIP tunnels (the S2a interface) to the P-GW for all trusted SIM device traffic. Each tunnel is authenticated and traffic routed to the Internet. Local breakout of Internet traffic is possible both at the WAG & TWAG.

WAG is a module of our ISR routers


The 3GPP AAA server is part of the Inventum UNIFY suite. The server supports multiple protocols such as RADIUS, SIGTRAN & Diameter making it ideally suited for heterogeneous network environments.

The AAA server also supports multiple authentication data sources such as RDBMS, text files, and distributed LDAP servers for deployments that demand thousands of transactions per second (tps).

3GPP AAA is part of the Inventum UNIFY™ SMP

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