ISP Routers built for Africa

A range of routers suited for the African ISP industry were launched at the recently concluded India-Africa ICT Expo 2019. Indian vendor Inventum showcased both its hardware & virtual ISP routers for Africa at the event.

Inventum believes that its extensive experience with ISP, WISP, hotspots, and Smart Cities in India will translate well for African customers who face similar challenges.

Inventum at India Africa ICT 2019, Kigali, Rwanda

We are a trusted made-in-India brand with 2 decades of proven experience in developing hardware and software solutions for the ISP & telecom sector which we believe is ideal for Africa.” said Mr. Anil Walia, Chief Sales Officer, Inventum.

Inventum offers high-speed routers like BNG, WAG, and Wi-Fi access points for diverse connectivity needs. Specializing in cybersecurity, it ensures robust protection against online threats. Additionally, comprehensive OSS/BSS services facilitate efficient operational and billing support for ISPs and telecom providers. With a focus on customer convenience, AAA services for authentication, authorization, and accounting are provided. Moreover, flexible billing solutions, including postpaid and prepaid options, cater to different user preferences and billing cycles. Overall, Inventum’s product range reflects its commitment to delivering holistic solutions for the evolving connectivity industry. Through continuous innovation and expertise, it remains a trusted provider for ISPs, telecom operators, and businesses seeking reliable networking solutions.

Inventum Participation at ICT Africa conference
Conference at India Africa ICT 2019, Kigali, Rawanda
Inventum at India-Africa ICT 2019 show held in Kigali, Rwanda

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