Above and beyond simple routing

Above and beyond simple routing

Extend your network with CG-NAT, NAC, BNG & DPI all within
the same Inventum VSR instance

Multipurpose Performer

Multi-purpose Performer

The Inventum VSR software package brings bridging, switching and routing to standard servers. With throughputs of 10Gbps per Intel® Xeon® CPU core, your servers can now be converted into a high-performance networking system. Add-on software modules enable VPN, CGN, BNG and DPI functions, making the VSR one of the most flexible NFV products out there.


Inventum's very own Linux derived operating system drives the control plane. inventOS™ makes it easy to extend the control plane using software modules that are shared across all Inventum routers. The isolated data plane, uses Intel’s DPDK and Inventum's proprietary code to deliver tens of gigabits of ultrafast performance on standard commercial-off-the-shelf servers (COTS).

Hypervisor & Cloud Deployment

VSR images are available for VMWare® VSphere® enabling quick and easy deployment.
Cloud images are available on the Amazon AWS cloud via the marketplace.

Business Router

Replace hardware routers with the VSR at your branch or central offices. Same routing functions, now virtualised, easy to deploy & manage.

  • Use existing servers as a very capable router (static & dynamic routing)
  • Virtualise all major network functions like Firewall, DHCP & DNS
  • Load balancing traffic
  • NAC authentication via RADIUS and SSO with Microsof® Windows® Directory Services
  • Conserve bandwidth using traffic management Layer-7 DPI
  • Content filtering, logging network activity & access

Guest & Visitor Hotspot Control

Software controller to authenticate & authorise Wi-Fi networks. Enforce traffic and content policies, secure office traffic while catering to BYOD & visitors.


  • AAA & external captive portal redirection for login
  • Combine with Inventum UNIFY® Cloud services for a paid or free visitor hotspot
  • Segregate networks using VLAN and policy routing
  • Firewall & filter content based on privileges
  • Supports non controller based Wi-Fi AP (any brand)


Service providers deploy the VSR as a virtual customer premises equipment to deliver next generation product offerings. Deploy in the cloud or at customer location.

Virtual Customer Premises Equipment

  • Deploy on low cost Intel® Atom® based CPE
  • Per customer VSR virtual machine at NOC
  • Control product delivery, from service type to application speed
  • L2, L2.5 & L3 switching & routing protocols
  • Subscription, opex linked pricing

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