Manage subscribers, services, operations, postpaid, prepay, finance, and customer relationships.


UNIFY™ Service Management Platform is a subscriber-centric operations & billing platform for ISP/WISP to manage their business end to end. UNIFY allows service providers to rapidly deliver volume metered, differential bandwidth services based on subscriber identity, traffic flow, location & time of access. Using the UNIFY™, broadband providers can rapidly deliver personalized & differentiated revenue-generating services. Additionally, it is now in operation with energy companies, cable television, VoIP operators & large-scale hotspot services such as Smart Cities.


The key modules for the UNIFY™ are AAA, Subscriber CRM, Postpaid Billing, Prepay Charging, Voucher Management System, Revenue Management, Financial Accounting, Reseller Management, Sales Automation, Helpdesk, Self-Service Portal, Field Force Automation, and an Electronic Wallet System.

Key Benefits

  • End-to-end solution for ISP, WISP & Telecom
  • Delight customers with extensive self service options
  • Electronic bill presentment & payment
  • Convergent bill for Internet, cloud, data centre, VAS & OTT services
  • Receivables (AR) automation including electronic payments & settlements
  • Dunning & revenue recognition
  • Integrated financial accounting keeps your business in sync with actionable analytics

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UNIFY CRM provides the perfect bedrock for successful subscriber relationships. From customer onboarding & order management to an integrated insight of the relationship by bringing together demographics, services, network activity, credit history, billing & financial transactions.


  • Customer management including hierarchical organizations, multiple contacts & KYC
  • Unified customer view of services, charges, ledgers, tickets, geo location & demographics
  • Customer self-care portal & mobile app that allow payments, upgrade (downgrade), new orders and service request tracking
  • Field force automation, from installation to revenue collection, enabled via mobile apps

Postpaid & Prepay

Be it data, voice, video or cloud services, the UNIFY makes it easy to create & bill convergent customer services. The powerful Postpaid billing & invoicing system effortlessly manages personalisation of charges, bill cycles & invoice presentation. The Prepay real-time rating & charging system is perfect for retail quota limited data plans & Wi-Fi hotspots. The integrated UNIFY voucher management system makes it easy to electronically deliver recharge or topup cards (PIN/OTP).


  • Invoices with flexible bill cycles, branding & customer specific messaging
  • Support for recurring & non-recurring charges along with discounts, usage credits, unit credits, recharges & contracts
  • Multi-tier tax structure support & “place of supply” GST taxes
  • Multi-currency invoices that are seamlessly integrated with the multi-currency UNIFY™ Financial Accounting module
  • Prepay recharge with service quota or cash topup
  • Reseller commission & revenue share management


The UNIFY AAA is a battle hardened, authentication authorization & accounting solution for network providers. As a 3GPP compliant AAA, the solution supports RADIUS, SIGTRAN & Diameter along with a highly extensible core. Deployment is possible with multiple data sources including distributed LDAP servers for thousands of transactions per second (TPS).


  • Robust, highly available AAA solution
  • Scale to millions of subscriber requests
  • Support major NAS, DPI, BNG & RADIUS compliant devices
  • RADIUS, Diameter & SIGTRAN multi-protocol support
  • Enables Wifi Mobile Data Offload EAP-SIM projects
  • Pre-integrated with other UNIFY™ modules for rapid time to market

Voucher Management System (VMS)

The integrated UNIFY voucher management system makes it easy to electronically deliver recharge or topup cards (PIN/OTP). With support for service recharge and cash top up cards, the VMS allows service providers to distribute both physical and electronic account/service recharge vouchers.


  • Service cards linked directly to usage quotas can be used to extend validity as well as top up usage balances such as used in data plans
  • Cash cards can be used to top up a customer account with a pre-denominated amount of cash balance which in turn may be used to settle invoices or purchase services and recharge vouchers
  • VMS cards also support reseller specific margins that can be customised on a per product basis
  • Complete voucher/card management including generation, void, cancellation & expiry are supported
  • Comprehensive reports on the usage of vouchers/cards across the system

Revenue Management

Tools to manage account receivables (AR), dunning, automated revenue recognition aligned with service consumption and extensive reports to manage service revenues. Dedicated account receivables application that allows capturing customer receipts via cash, negotiable instruments, bank transfers, and payment gateways. Multiple modes of payment may be combined in a single receipt with the automatic settlement of invoices and debits.


  • Settle multiple invoices and debits using a single receipt
  • Manage refunds due to service changes or termination of services
  • Write-off bad debts, invoice adjustments & rounding off small amounts with credit control
  • Security deposit management including demanding deposits, refunding, and adjustment against outstanding
  • Credit Limits at both customer (CRM) & service level• Invoice dunning with customer, segment & service-specific rules that can be defined at run-time
  • Automatic revenue recognition from deferred revenue on basis of service consumption or accrual.
  • Revenue projection reports showing per customer revenue forecast along with adjustments on account of service/charge changes
  • Product revenue tracking with the ability to map each charge to a revenue head (GL)
  • Door-to-door collection & settlement of invoices by field executives using mobile apps
  • Aging reports & analysis

Financial Accounting

Comprehensive double entry accounting system that is integrated with the Postpaid billing, Prepay charging, Reseller & CRM systems to provide a complete financial solution. Automated revenue recognition, dunning, accounts receivables, revenue management & lots more.


  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Multiple business entities (chart of accounts)
  • Multiple journals & ledger books including control accounts
  • Debit notes, credit notes, invoices, purchase orders, contra vouchers, receipts & custom vouchers
  • Automatic revenue recognition from deferred revenue on basis of service consumption or accrual.
  • Dunning on customer profile, credit limit, age of bills & other attributes
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) , GST, VAT, Service Tax
  • Reseller commission & revenue share accounting
  • Analytics

Reseller Management

Resellers & channel partners of a service provider can be offered a controlled virtualised B/OSS for their operations management. The parent service provider, while retaining overall control, may delegate access to a reseller for activities such as customer on-boarding, service creation, service recharge & receivables collection while retaining privacy of data between different resellers.


  • Resellers exist inside their own virtual containers or domains retaining data privacy at all times
  • Reseller staff has controlled and delegated access to admin portal
  • Parent service providers or distributors can selectively publish service plans & packages to specific resellers while controlling the price & taxes
  • Customer Care portal, invoices, receipts and virtually all customer facing elements can be customised per reseller domain
  • Reseller wallets allow tight control of revenue risk by limiting recharge & service top up to the amount of credit available inside their wallets.
  • Commissions and revenue share can be different for each reseller and on each service being sold.
  • Independent white-label resellers with their own books of accounts are possible
  • Nested distributor to reseller to sub-reseller relationships are also supported to N-levels.

Self Service & Captive Portals

From presenting invoices to electronically collecting payments, the UNIFY™ Self Service portal is a powerful tool for customers. Customers can upgrade or downgrade services, raise tickets, view account activity, view consumption & make new purchases. Multiple captive portals may be set up in a single UNIFY™ instance catering to hundreds of venues. Hotspot & login page flows with OTP, social login & payment are rapidly set up using the portal API.


  • Customer can manage their profile
  • View & Pay bills
  • Raise helpdesk tickets
  • View usage
  • See unbilled charges
  • Social login & subscriber profiling
  • Paid access using credit cards or vouchers


Complete customer ticketing and contact centre module. Allows customers to lodge tickets which follow SLA process and are addressed by different tiers of service provider staff. spot & login page flows with OTP, social login & payment are rapidly set up using the portal API.


  • Web based ticketing system that handles incidents, cases & trouble tickets
  • Omni channel where customer & agents can respond via browser, email or chat (requires third party chat tool)
  • Threaded responses and viewing of ticket conversations & interactions
  • Merge multiple conversations to create new or tag to existing ticket
  • Attach documents, images or other files to tickets and each response
  • Mark internal staff note on each ticket that is not visible to customers
  • Role based access and rights for staff
  • SLA management with priority, category, day of week, time and nature of Automatic ticket assignment based on rules to specific agent(s), customers and/or service plans
  • Priority ticket assignment for chosen customer category (e.g. VIP)
  • Multiple agents and customer contacts can subscribe to the same ticket for updates and responses

API, GIS, Payment Gateways, Email & SMS Notifications

The UNIFY interfaces with multiple external systems using different protocols & object interfaces.


  • SOAP/XML based object interface. All major functions such as subscriber provisioning, service provisioning, order management and more can be achieved via the API. Inventum professional services are also available to create interfaces that require UNIFY to consume third party APIs (REST, SOAP or others).
  • Industry standard GIS systems can be interfaced (e.g. Google Maps). This allows modules such as the CRM to visually represent customer location as well as network as built in different map layers.
  • Integration with external SLA management systems and NMS (required for SLA based inputs to billing system)
  • Support for all major electronic payment gateways which can be used in various other modules of the UNIFY such as CRM, self care portals, etc.
  • Transactional Email notifications can be delivered via major commercial bulk email systems
  • SMS gateway integration over HTTP/SMPP interfaces with all leading bulk messaging providers. These are used for OTP, PIN delivery, payment reminders and various other features within the UNIFY.

Unify App

Mobile App to improve customer experience.


  • Self service mobile app for iOS & Android
  • Pay bills, view activity, track usage, place service requests all via the app
  • Customer Electronic Wallets to pay for services and transfer money between customers

Reseller App

With Inventum Reseller App, improve your market penetration while enabling better user experience for resellers.


  • Collect Payment
  • Recharge
  • System Logs
  • Card Validate
  • Service Card

Self-Care App

A powerful tool for customer delight. Customers of Telecos/ISPs/WISPs can now benefit from a new self-service app, which aims to provide subscribers with a lot of extra detail about their accounts/connections.


  • Usage Summary
  • Session Logs
  • Service Plan
  • Invoice

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