ISP & WISP Solutions

Inventum products provide everything an ISP or WISP would need to operate their networks & business. Our offerings include both software & hardware solutions including the following key components:

AAA Subscriber Management Billing & Charging Captive Portal CRM Policy Management Voucher System (PIN & OTP) FUP & Quota Management System Messaging Gateway for SMS integration Electronic Payment Gateway Service Routers with subscriber policy enforcementSelf Care Portal


Uniquely, Inventum is one of the only vendors that offers both the OSS/BSS software suite along with service routers that can enforce subscriber/billing policies in real-time. This allows our customers to cut time to market with an affordable, integrated solution that is operational within hours.


Networks with Single Point-of-Presence (POP)


Service Gateways – provide an all-in-one AAA & Service Router solution that is perfect for networks of up to 50,000 subscribers. Just connect one or more Internet WAN providers, configure subscriber accounts, set policies, configure service plans & you are ready to go! No external servers, complex integration, routers or other hardware required.



UNIFY Cloud Edition – hosted AAA, Portal, Billing & Charging solution. Ideal for smaller networks (10,000 subscribers) that require all the features of a large telecom OSS/BSS with zero upfront investment. The UNIFY Cloud interacts with the traffic gateway or NAS placed physically at the POP (using RADIUS). Popular NAS choices include Inventum Service Routers, software routers & WLAN controllers.


Networks with Multiple Points-of-Presence (POP)

UNIFY ISP Edition – full featured suite of OSS/BSS applications to manage subscribers, services, operations, billing, charging & customer relationships. The UNIFY software is made available under perpetual or subscription license schemes & is certified for both Intel & Sparc servers. The UNIFY is inter-operable with leading broadband RAS (B-RAS), NAS, service routers, DPI controllers & other network elements supporting RADIUS based AAA functionality.



Service Routers – affordable broadband subscriber aggregation & policy enforcement routers that target the 1-10Gbps traffic range. The service gateway performs the functions of a NAC, NAS, B-RAS, traffic shaper, WAN load balancer & DPI controller in a nifty, easy to deploy package. Start as small as a 50-Mbps service controller for controlling Wi-Fi hotspots right at the edge; Scale to 50,000 concurrent users in a single box with multi-gigabit capacity.