Bespoke Internet Experience

Discerning guests, demand quality services. Unfortunately, most hotels today offer pedestrian, one-size-fits-all Internet services. Frustrations grow as business travelers seeking high speed connections are forced to share the hotel network with casual users downloading movies & torrents!


Inventum solutions allow hospitality locations to tailor Internet services based on guest profile. Business travelers enjoy reserved bandwidth, while casual or free users contend for a best-effort service. All this without changing the existing Wi-Fi or in-room cable.


Key Solution Benefits

  • Differentiated Guest Internet Services – Premium plans for business travelers & best-effort for casual users. Additional tiers may be created easily.
  • Visitor Wi-Fi Pass – Facilitate easy access from events & conferences. Distribute pre created cards or on-demand passwords to mobile phones (via SMS).
  • Uninterrupted Internet – Multiple ISP links to ensure 100% uptime! Automatically load balance guest traffic over links to ensure a quality experience.
  • Controlled Internet for staff & contractors – Save capital & reuse the same Wi-Fi network without compromising guest services.



Service Gateways

Inventum's high-speed Internet access solutions comprises an all-in-one gateway appliance that interconnects guest rooms, common areas, restaurants, conference rooms & your Internet service provider (ISP).


The single appliance contains everything you need to manage your property-wide Internet services.

Service Gateway in Hotel Network



Ubiquitous Wi-Fi Coverage

Inventum works with its partners to deliver ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage in all areas of the property. Wi-Fi access points or base stations are deployed at strategic locations both inside and outside buildings to provide optimal coverage. Inventum provides the perfect solution for Guest Internet Management as it authenticates each guest, manages all forms of payment mechanisms and is compatible with all Wi-Fi devices available in the market.

Personalized Services

With a growing number of devices such as smartphones & tablets, it is important for hotels to make the sign-on process as simple and personalized as possible. Some key features that the Inventum solution provides:


Auto detect Guest Internet device & present hotel information in appropriate screen size & format

Auto detect Guest device's preferred language & communicate in their native language

Remember Guest login throughout the entire stay without need for re-login; Returning guests can be welcomed back.

VIP Internet speeds for special guests. Ensure best quality bandwidth at all times that is not affected by other users.

Content Filtering to block content inappropriate for certain users.

Prioritize popular guest applications such as Skype Video, Facetime, VPN & others.


PMS Interface for direct room billing

Inventum supports leading Property Management Systems (PMS) using standardized interfaces. It is also possible to integrate new PMS by engaging Inventum's professional services team. The service gateway can seamlessly integrate with the hotel PMS and directly update the guest folio.
Stand-Alone Hotels & Resorts

Single Service Gateway appliance that does everything! Guest login portal, Control Traffic, Bill Services & Secure the network.

  • Use with existing PMS or simply use the gateway database to create accounts
  • Differentiate with Premium & Standard Services 
    • Hi-Speed Business Traveler
    • Free Best-Effort Plans that only work at specific times of the day (off-peak)
    • Sell hourly, daily, monthly or annual Internet plans
    • Set quota in minutes or download volume or both. For example, provide a free Internet service with upto 500MB of download per stay, beyond which guest is charged for additional downloads or hours consumed
    • Booster plans that offer 2x or 4x faster speeds for additional charge
    • Special bulk plans for conferences & events
  • Concierge can provide pre-printed unique password cards or generate on demand
  • Electronic SMS passwords can be delivered directly to guest mobile numbers
  • Collect complete browsing logs of guests to comply with lawful agencies


Hotel Chains

Centrally manage the Internet services of all properties. Track usage, network health, sales & traffic patterns in real-time. Sell monthly Internet passes to frequent guests that are valid across the entire chain of hotels. Link to loyalty schemes centrally, enabling a whole host of new possibilities.


Centrally Managed Hotel Internet Services


Features in addition to those mentioned above for stand-alone hotels:

  • Local Inventum gateway appliance at each property to provide independent control.
  • Central cloud based management & reporting for all gateways across all properties.
  • Guests can be issued Internet passes that work across the chain at any hotel.
  • Central help-desk can manage all service related issues, regardless of the property.


Signup for a personalized demonstration of Inventum HSIA solutions. Our qualified pre-sales staff will be happy to conduct a one-on-one web conference to provide in-depth information on our solution.