Broadband Service Control & Monetization

Inventum’s UNIFY™ Service Management Platform (SMP) provides a modular suite of integrated broadband control & billing products. 

Using the UNIFY™, broadband providers can rapidly deliver personalized & differentiated revenue generating services. For example, usage metered broadband, application based charging, bandwidth boost for video & multi-step fair use policies. Successful deployments of the UNIFY™ include both mobile (2-4G) & fixed-line broadband.


Mobile Operators


Augment existing mobile offerings with new broadband services. For example, use the UNIFY™ to launch prepay Wi-Fi™ hotspots and enable seamless 3G mobile data offload services. New broadband providers, particularly those deploying LTE & WiMAX™ may consider the UNIFY™ as their primary system for end-to-end service monetization & management.


The UNIFY™ solution uses 3GPP & IETF specified interfaces to integrate with the existing mobile core, making deployment effortless. 




Comprehensive suite of applications to address all billing & operational needs of an ISP/WISP. Scale from a thousand to a million subscribers within the same UNIFY™ deployment. 


Start with the AAA & Subsriber Management System. Add Prepay Charging & Postpaid Billing modules as needed. Engage subscribers with Captive Portals, Self-Care dashboards, Helpdesk & other CRM features. Use the Voucher Management System to manage retail & wholesale channel businesses. Generate Prepay recharge cards, PIN & one-time-passwords (OTP).  





Application Modules

  • AAA
    • End-to-end solution for ISP, WISP & Telecom operators
    • RADIUS, Diameter & SIGTRAN (MAP) in a single platform
    • High availability deployment with thousands of transaction/second
  • Captive & Self-Care Portals
    • Authentication portal for subscribers 
    • Presentation personalized on venue, language, service type & terminal 
    • Self service portal with service controls, reports, bill presentment
  • Voucher Management System
    • Create & manage vouchers, recharge cards, PIN & OTP
    • Pre-integrated with Prepay module for service & money transactions 
    • Handles reseller channels including discounted & tiered sales
  • Subscriber Management System (Mini-HSS)
    • Unified profile storage - subscribers, services, policies & billing
    • Heirarchial account organization (n-level)
    • Virtual Network Operator (VNO) & reseller support
  • Wi-Fi™ Mobile Data Offload (MDO)
    • 3GPP AAA that integrates with TTG, PDG, LMA & other PCEF 
    • Support EAP-SIM & EAP-AKA for seamless authentication of terminals
    • Supports iWLAN, PMIPv6 & non-3GPP offload technologies
  • Prepay Charging (OCS) & Postpaid Billing (OFCS)
    • Real-time charging & postpaid billing in the same platform
    • Pre-integrated with AAA & Policy Control (PCRF) modules
    • Supports RADIUS & Diameter interfaces

UNIFYTM & Policy Controllers

Integration between policy servers & policy conrollers remains a key challenge in broadband. As complexity of subscriber plans grows, the problem of keeping systems coherent multiplies. 


Inventum uniquely provides a pre-integrated policy server (UNIFY™) & policy controller (Service Router) platform. Deployed together, the UNIFY & Service Controller can be fully operational in a day, ready to deliver innovative new broadband services without the need for any integration. New policy or service launches become a breeze!   


Benefits of using Service Controllers and UNIFY Together

  • Rapid start with no compromise on functionality or flexibility
  • No integration - Service Controller is a bump-in-the-wire on network
  • Works with any network - DSL, FTTH, WiMAX™, Wi-Fi™, etc.
  • Point-n-click service & subscriber provisioning
  • Real-time metering & charging
  • No requirement of separate PCRF or PCEF products 

UNIFY and Policy Controllers




Inventum works with several partners for inter-operation of its UNIFY Service Management Platform. Following list of partners provide complimentary solutions ranging from policy enforcement to roaming.

  • Aruba                
  • Alvarion
  • Brovis
  • Cisco
  • IDS 
  • Meraki
  • Motorola Solutions
  • Oracle
  • Ruckus Wireless
  • Shyam Networks
  • VNL
  • Wavion



The UNIFY is commonly deployed as part of a larger solution at customers. Inventum actively works with other companies to develop joint offerings that benefit all stakeholders. 


Inventum also works with leading systems integrators, distributors & channel partners for implementation of the UNIFY across the globe. Please contact us to help locate a partner.   

Signup for a personalized demonstration of Inventum UNIFY SMP. Our qualified pre-sales staff will be happy to conduct a one-on-one web conference to provide in-depth information on our solution.



The UNIFY is available in two product editions that address different service provider needs ranging from subscriber base, mobility & cost. Inventum also provides managed on-site "Private" as well as shared "Public" cloud hosted versions of the UNIFY™. End-to-end managed services are also provided by Inventum professional services team including installation, commissioning, operations & management.    


ISP Edition

Customer Type
  • Mobile Broadband Carriers 
  • Millions of subscribers
  • Competitive carrier class solution
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Start as small as 5,000 & scale to million
  • Affordable, ISP & WISP solution that providers can grow with

Licensing Models
  • Perpetual
  • Subscription
  • Private Cloud
  • Perpetual
  • Subscription
  • Private or Public Cloud

Service Control AAA
  • 3GPP Compliant solution includes
  • RADIUS & Diameter (PCRF / PCEF features)
  • Native SIGTRAN stack (for MAP gateway features)
  • IETF & WBA compliant solution
  • RADIUS based 

Susbcriber Management
  • Profile store for millions of subscribers
  • Support for multiple backend databases
  • LDAP support for high transaction systems
  • Scalable, full-featured profile storage
  • Shipped with integrated PostgeSQL RDBMS at no additional cost

Prepay (OCS)
  • Diameter & RADIUS interfaces
  • RADIUS interfaces only
  • Integrated with Subscriber Management for fast deployment

Postpaid (OFCS)
  • Diameter & RADIUS interfaces
  • CDR Import/Export
  • Convergent Billing & Invoicing with Multi-Service Contracts
  • RADIUS only
  • CDR Import/Export
  • Convergent Billing & Invoicing
Signup for a personalized demonstration of Inventum UNIFY SMP solutions. Our qualified pre-sales staff will be happy to conduct a one-on-one web conference to provide in-depth information on our solution.

Brochures & Case Studies


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UNIFY Multi City Case Study

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