Operations and Billing  platform for  Service Providers

operations billing

Operations & Billing platform for Service Providers

Manage subscribers, services, operations, postpaid, prepay, finance and customer relationships.

Integrated modules to provide complete control of your subscribers and their services

  • CRM
  • AAA
  • Postpaid billing & Prepay charging
  • Voucher management system
  • Revenue management
  • Financial accounting
  • Reseller management
  • Field force automation
  • Captive portal
  • Self Service portal
  • Helpdesk
  • E-Wallet

key benefits

Key Benefits

  • End-to-end solution for ISP, WISP & Telecom
  • Delight customers with extensive self service options
  • Electronic bill presentment & payment
  • Convergent bill for Internet, cloud, data centre, VAS & OTT services
  • Receivables (AR) automation including electronic payments & settlements
  • Dunning & revenue recognition
  • Integrated financial accounting keeps your business in sync with actionable analytics
Mobile App to improve customer experience

Mobile App to improve customer experience

  • Self service mobile app for iOS & Android
  • Pay bills, view activity, track usage, place service requests all via the app
  • Customer Electronic Wallets to pay for services and transfer money between customers


UNIFY CRM provides the perfect bedrock for successful subscriber relationships. From customer on-boarding & order management to an integrated insight of the relationship by bringing together demographics, services, network activity, credit history, billing & financial transactions.


  • Customer management including hierarchical organizations, multiple contacts & KYC
  • Unified customer view of services, charges, ledgers, tickets, geo location & demographics
  • Customer self-care portal & mobile app that allow payments, upgrade (downgrade), new orders and service request tracking
  • Field force automation, from installation to revenue collection, enabled via mobile apps
crm image

Postpaid & Prepay

Be it data, voice, video or cloud services, the UNIFY makes it easy to create & bill convergent customer services. The powerful Postpaid billing & invoicing system effortlessly manages personalisation of charges, bill cycles & invoice presentation. The Prepay real-time rating & charging system is perfect for retail quota limited data plans & Wi-Fi hotspots. The integrated UNIFY voucher management system makes it easy to electronically deliver recharge or topup cards (PIN/OTP).



  • Invoices with flexible bill cycles, branding & customer specific messaging
  • Support for recurring & non-recurring charges along with discounts, usage credits, unit credits, recharges & contracts
  • Multi-tier tax structure support & "place of supply" GST taxes
  • Multi-currency invoices that are seamlessly integrated with the multi-currency UNIFY™ Financial Accounting module
  • Prepay recharge with service quota or cash topup
  • Reseller commission & revenue share management


The UNIFY AAA is a battle hardened, authentication authorization & accounting solution for network providers. As a 3GPP compliant AAA, the solution supports RADIUS, SIGTRAN & Diameter along with a highly extensible core. Deployment is possible with multiple data sources including distributed LDAP servers for thousands of transactions per second (TPS).


  • Robust, highly available AAA solution
  • Scale to millions of subscriber requests
  • Support major NAS, DPI, BNG & RADIUS compliant devices
  • RADIUS, Diameter & SIGTRAN multi-protocol support
  • Enables Wifi Mobile Data Offload EAP-SIM projects
  • Pre-integrated with other UNIFY™ modules for rapid time to market

Self Service & Captive Portals

From presenting invoices to electronically collecting payments, the UNIFY™ Self Service portal is a powerful tool for customers. Customers can upgrade or downgrade services, raise tickets, view account activity, view consumption & make new purchases. Multiple captive portals may be set up in a single UNIFY™ instance catering to hundreds of venues. Hotspot & login page flows with OTP, social login & payment are rapidly set up using the portal API.


  • Customer can manage their profile
  • View & Pay bills
  • Raise helpdesk tickets
  • View usage
  • See unbilled charges
  • Social login & subscriber profiling
  • Paid access using credit cards or vouchers
hotsport image

Financial Accounting

Comprehensive double entry accounting system that is integrated with the Postpaid billing, Prepay charging, Reseller & CRM systems to provide a complete financial solution. Automated revenue recognition, dunning, accounts receivables, revenue management & lots more.



  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Multiple business entities (chart of accounts)
  • Multiple journals & ledger books including control accounts
  • Debit notes, credit notes, invoices, purchase orders, contra vouchers, receipts & custom vouchers
  • Automatic revenue recognition from deferred revenue on basis of service consumption or accrual.
  • Dunning on customer profile, credit limit, age of bills & other attributes
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) , GST, VAT, Service Tax
  • Reseller commission & revenue share accounting
  • Analytics

Reseller Management

Resellers & channel partners of a service provider can be offered a controlled virtualised B/OSS for their operations management. The parent service provider, while retaining overall control, may delegate access to a reseller for activities such as customer on-boarding, service creation, service recharge & receivables collection while retaining privacy of data between different resellers.


  • Resellers exist inside their own virtual containers or domains retaining data privacy at all times
  • Reseller staff has controlled and delegated access to admin portal
  • Parent service providers or distributors can selectively publish service plans & packages to specific resellers while controlling the price & taxes
  • Customer Care portal, invoices, receipts and virtually all customer facing elements can be customised per reseller domain
  • Reseller wallets allow tight control of revenue risk by limiting recharge & service top up to the amount of credit available inside their wallets.
  • Commissions and revenue share can be different for each reseller and on each service being sold.
  • Independent white-label resellers with their own books of accounts are possible
  • Nested distributor to reseller to sub-reseller relationships are also supported to N-levels.

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