All-in-one solution for hotspots

All-in-one solution for hotspots

Manage & monetise Wi-Fi in hotels, universities, colleges, schools,
airports, caf├ęs, hospitals, convention centres, markets, shopping
malls and other public venues


Just add Wi-Fi & Internet!

The MSG appliance combines a hotspot network controller with a customer management software, providing a complete solution for venue owners to launch Wi-Fi services.

Venue owners simply add Wi-Fi Access Points (with or without controller) and an Internet connection to the MSG to get their hotspot going.

Many ways to sign-up customers

The MSG offers a built in portal and self care system. All new customers are redirected to a login page where they can first register using forms or a simple mobile number with OTP verification code.

Prepay PIN, scratch card, Internet plan purchase using credit card or roaming from aggregators such as iPass are all supported. Returning customers are seamlessly recognised with zero touch access.

Hospitality HSIA

MSG supports leading PMS systems for seamless access for in-room guests using room number and guest name. Free or upgraded speed plans can be offered against payment to both guests and hotel visitors.

Reuse the same network to simultaneously cater for conventions, retail spaces, staff users and even controlled access to vendors.


Student Internet Access (with controls!)

Students eating up all your bandwidth?

MSG can set a speed limit per student, limit download volume and ensure fair bandwidth distribution. Built-in firewall secures the network, filtering content and keeping browsing logs for legal compliance.

Use the MSG for campus event or convention visitor. Deliver ISP like plans to dormitories and residential areas.


Inventum MSG allows you to control as many as 15,000 plus users in a single appliance. The MSG also takes care of all core routing and load balancing of multiple ISP links, removing the need for an external gateway router. Core LAN services such as DHCP, DNS proxy, VLAN segmentation, Cache redirection, Diffserv and more are supported out of the box.

Many Models to Choose From

Common features

IPv4 & IPv6, Bridging, QinQ, Static & Dynamic Routing (OSPF, BGP, RIP, RIPng), Policy Routing, MPLS LDP, IP tunnelling (GRE), DHCP server & relay, NTP, PTP, Packet Matching, Stateful Firewall, NAT (1:n, m:n round robin), QoS, session accounting, TACACS+ and more.


L3 Multi Service Gateway

  • High performance
  • 15,000 concurrent students
  • 10Gbps
  • Electrical & optical interfaces
  • Support for 1G, 10G, 40G & 100G interfaces


M3 Multi Service Gateway

  • Mid range
  • 7,000 concurrent students
  • 10Gbps
  • Electrical & optical interfaces
  • Support for 1G &10G interfaces


S3 Multi Service Gateway

  • Entry level
  • 500 concurrent students
  • 1Gbps
  • Electrical interfaces
  • Fixed on-board 4 x GE interfaces

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