Low Density Solutions for Policy Control & Enforcement Function


Today's 3GPP compliant PCEF solutions focus on a centralized architecture where the GGSN, PDG/ePDG or DPI Controller is entrusted with the enforcement of broadband controls & related charging functions. Inventum believes that the advent of pico-cell architectures coupled with an explosion in data traffic, will force operators to consider distributed architectures. Indeed, the trend for mobile data offload using Wi-Fi demonstrates that operators are eager to de-congest the airwaves, but will the central PCEF in the CO be the next bottleneck?


Introducing the Inventum Micro PCEF solution

Subscriber Controls

An identity centric networking core allows Inventum's PCEF solutions to virtualize each broadband session. Each session can be authenticated & provisioned using AAA/PCRF. Policy controls include per session CIR/BIR, quotas, fair use, application services, routes (destinations) & more. 

Service Routing

An evolution of Inventum's existing Service Routers, the PCEF solution provides robust networking features expected from a service router platform. This includes authentication, accounting, advanced routing, IP filtering, in-session service upgrades & downgrades.

Key benefit to operators is a single platform can be used to terminate both mobile & non-mobile users with support for a variety of business cases. Some examples are Wi-Fi hotspot controller with captive portal; Mobile Offload PCEF with support for EAP-TTLS, EAP-SIM & Client-less iWLAN.

Wi-Fi Offload

Using a Micro PCEF at a local hotspot while enforcing centrally stored policies (PCRF) with real-time charging (OCS/IN) is Inventum's sweet spot. Offloaded traffic need not be taken to the mobile core & is instead directly sent to the local Internet gateway. This form of offload is often referred to as Local-Breakout.




Inventum & its eco-system partners also provide comprehensive support for 3GPP & IETF prescribed architectures for Wi-Fi offload including iWLAN, PMIPv6 & Client-less iWLAN. 

1-5Gbps Specialists

Do more with less. By using a low-cost Micro PCEF, operators can save big on network upgrades &  backhaul bandwidth (from Wi-Fi offload locations) without compromising functionality.

Existing NEMs have great solutions for high density deployments, Inventum specializes in lesser density, distributed networks.


Policy & Charging

Support for both RADIUS & Diameter (Gx & Gy) interfaces allows Inventum PCEF solutions to integrate into any environment. In addition, Inventum also provides extensive billing & charging solutions as part of its UNIFY SMP product-line making us a single-stop vendor for rolling out mobile broadband services.