Combine your entire rack into a single appliance

One Branch One Gateway

Consolidate Networking, Security, VPN & Monitoring into a single appliance.

Inventum's service gateways provide everything that you would need from user authentication to controlling Internet access. All basic networking services such as DHCP, DNS, NAT & Firewall are provided. So is an advanced IP router that can directly take a link from any ISP. 

Inventum Office Gateway Models



Centrally Managed

Easy browser based management with control of all functions from a single location. Simply point your SSL browser to the gateway – No command lines, just glossy, easy interfaces to manage everything at the branch…





User Centric Controls

Sick of creating policies based on IP addresses, VLAN ids & the like? Inventum branch gateways offer a 100% identity centric architecture. Every policy, be it a content filter or routing table, is configured around a user account or identity. In the end, you are dealing with people not IP addresses. A whole new way of managing your people & how they access the network.

WAN Optimzation & Load Balancer

Shape traffic for important applications & VIP users. Accomodate multiple ISP links or private WAN connections. Policy route users as well as complete subnets to apropriate WAN links. Load balance multiple ISP links in a weighted manner. Avoid downtime, specify alternate failover links in case your main ISP is down. Most Inventum gateways also provide a USB port for inserting a backup link using 3G or LTE connections.  

Real-time Monitoring & Alerts

Comprehensive automated monitoring is available on all Inventum gateways. System alerts & audit trails provide records of every event. In addition, SNMP based monitoring allows adminsitrators to remotely monitor their gateways.





Remote Diagnostic Tools

Diagnose network issues remotely with a variety of tools provided by the branch gateway. Advanced packet caputre samples can be analyzed to debug everything from connection issues to security threats.





Role based Management

Delegate management of the network & services to different personnel. Branch network administrators can be allowed to manage specific atomic functions while crucial features remain centrally managed.





Tuned for Performance

Start small, really small with just 10 users. Grow to 10,000+ concurrent users within the same product line. Inventum gateways are some of the fastest, most efficient in the industry providing unparalleled price/performance.

No Hidden Costs

Inventum gateways are supplied as an all-in package. No monthly subscriptions, no cloud rentals, no change from how you would already be paying for your existing branch networking equipment.

Inventum does provide certain cloud services such as mobile SMS authentication service & content filter category database that are completely optional & may be purchased at any time by customers.   

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