Inventum's multi-protocol AAA server is a robust authentication, authorization & accounting platform for use in broadband networks. The AAA offering includes a user or subscriber database, policy database, RADIUS templates (VSA), custom request routing, proxy processing & several other features packaged as a single, browser managed application.

Designed for high transaction environments, the AAA is available on both RISC & x86 architectures with high availability options, scaling to millions of concurrent subscribers.

Multi Protocol

Today's heterogenous broadband networks require a multi-personality AAA solution that can address all forms of access networks. Inventum's AAA solution supports both IETF & 3GPP standards within the same server, including protocol translations which save both integration & capital costs.

  • RADIUS – RFC compliant stack, includes all major encrypted & non-encrypted authentication types. Tested in carrier networks with thousands of transactions per second.
  • Diameter – native stack supporting Gx, Gy & Gz interfaces for direct integration with PCRF, OCS & OFCS solutions in 2-4G networks.
  • SIGTRAN – native stack supporting MAP, TCAP, SCCP, M3UA & SCTP for direct interface between AAA & mobile core elements such as HLR & STP. Allows the AAA to act as a RADIUS to MAP Gateway.

Multi-protocol support is ideal for scenarios such as