Reinventing Endpoint Cybersecurity for Online Banking

AppGuard for Commercial Bank and Wealth Management Customers

Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing and critical concern for banks and their customers. Financial institution’s customers suffer daily attacks that could result in loss of data, assets, and most importantly, customer confidence and brand reputation. Online banking users are increasingly exposed to new attacks like spear-phishing, keyloggers, password spraying, Ursnif, and more. Some of the largest financial services institutions are investing millions to protect their customers from cyber theft, ransomware, and other forms of attack. The problem? How can they manage outside assets while ensuring customers a safer online banking experience?

Moreover, implementing security practices and providing training is not helping, as there are no checks and balances in place to verify if the customer is abiding by security measures. Banks have no control over how customers are using their systems, therefore are unable to effectively protect them from attacks.

Recent headlines have shown attacks like keylogger are going unnoticed for weeks and, in some cases, even months. Most traditional solutions require a continuous network connection, making it hard for financial institutions to protect their customers at all times. Additionally, a bulky solution affects system speed and performance, encouraging customers to uninstall or deactivate the security solution — opening them up for serious attacks.

Effective Breach Prevention for Unmanaged Devices

AppGuard’s unique patented dynamic endpoint defense prevents all breaches from occurring by disrupting the earliest and subsequent stages of a cyber attack. AppGuard does not require any user interaction or cause CPU degradation. It simply protects the endpoint irrespective of network connection.

Don’t take our word for it –  see how AppGuard is protecting large financial institution’s customers since 2017.

Case Study:

Problem: Need to increase online banking adoption rate and create a more secure online banking experience for the enterprise and members.

Solution: Four key benefits that a large financial institute found in the distribution of AppGuard: more secure online banking experience, improved member retention, increased online banking adoption rate, and marketing opportunity to attract new organizations, small businesses and new members.

Why AppGuard? AppGuard offers an additional layer of security to the online banking experience, with better protection for the enterprise and end users. It is a simple, elegant, scalable, and easy to deploy solution. AppGuard has a very small footprint of less than 1MB. It is transparent to the end user and does not interfere with their normal operation.

With AppGuard, this large financial institute was able to achieve these four key benefits:

  • Offer to online banking members as a thank-you and way to protect their personal PCs.
  • By having AppGuard on the PCs that connect to it, AppGuard protects their online banking portal, adding another layer of security.
  • Convince the banking customers that presently do not bank online that they do indeed offer a secure online service. Online banking is more cost effective for banks than having customers use branch services.
  • Be able to promote/market to associations and individuals to bank with them because of their secure online banking presence.

“Distributing AppGuard to my members secured our online banking and increased membership and usage by quelling their fears.”

~ CIO of the Financial Institute

Summary: The consumer endpoint is under attack and in many cases are the access to portals for malware penetration. The consumer can not afford multiple layers of security or have the expertise for complex applications that larger enterprises might have. AppGuard is the solution that would compliment or support the weakened anti virus solution that is still at present the security for a consumer computer.

AppGuard Benefits

  • Defeat Emerging Malware — defeats new emerging malware that other approaches cannot stop, such as when malware utilizes existing Windows capabilities and tools for malicious reasons.
  • Defeat Weaponized Documents — protects endpoints against weaponized document attacks by preventing the execution of malware and ransomware in the first place.
  • Versatile Defense through Runtime Processes — runtime process protections provide a versatile defense that extends the protection to endpoint processes, server processes, and insider threats.
  • No Update Ever Needed — does not require constant updates; AppGuard builds lists of known security threats already identified by other sources. Its integrated software-only approach is seamless with all Microsoft Windows platforms, stands alone with no OS hooks, and includes all documented APIs.
  • No CPU Degradation — carries a light footprint with no processor dependency and minimal system resource requirements. Transparent to the end user, AppGuard creates an efficiency management function that is less resource-intensive than even legacy antivirus platforms.
  • No User Interaction Required — does not require user interaction once installed. AppGuard does it all for you, completely autonomously.

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