Service Routers & Controllers


Inventum controllers are versatile broadband routing & policy enforcement appliances. Built around a solid service router core, the controller adds sophisticated subscriber aware networking & session controls.


The identity aware architecture of the controller makes it extremely easy for network owners to deliver dynamic & personalized broadband services. Service Controller appliances are used in both fixed & mobile broadband networks.


In fixed broadband, the service controller can play the role of a NAS or B-RAS whilst in mobile broadband it is used as a PCEF.



Telecommunications providers, ISP, WISP & even Enterprise customers are successfully using the service controllers in a variety of use cases. Following are some roles where the controller has been successfuly used.


  • Service Router - authentication, metering & policy enforcement for broadband
  • Broadband RAS or B-RAS - aggregation of subscribers in DSL, FTTH & other types of networks (PPPoE and IP)
  • PCEF in 3GPP mobile networks - broadband policy enforcement function; See the solution page
  • Wi-Fi or WLAN Hotspot Session Controller - authenticaiton portal, per user bandwidth shaping, usage metering & more



Identity Networking & Policy Control

User centric by design, the service controller enables personalized broadband service delivery. Upon successful authentication, the service controller can implement user specific policy controls, which may be retrieved from a central policy server such as AAA or PCRF. The policies themselves govern rules for routing, forwarding, security, filtering, metering, QoS, traffic shaping, flow management & more.


The Service Controller also supports dynamic policy changes within running sessions including bandwidth upgrade, downgrades, fair-use related changes, route changes & filtering. All running sessions & their flows may be metered in real-time. Accounting data may be sent to central AAA servers which in turn complete the loop by feeding billing & charging systems.



Network Agnostic

The service controller works with any IP network. The appliances offer optical & electrical Ethernet interfaces. Successful deployments include WLAN, WiMAX, DOCSIS, MOCA, DSL, Satellite (VSAT) & of course mobile.



Mobile Data Offload & Distributed PCEF

Inventum's Service Controllers & UNIFY SMP, together offer a complete solution for mobile operators to offload mobile traffic & at a Wi-Fi hotspot via the local Internet gateway, while retaining policy control & charging centrally. Entry level controllers acting as a micro PCEF offer an excellent alternative to backhaul of all traffic to the mobile core. We call it the local breakout offload solution which is p



Use Cases

Service Controller in Wi-Fi Hotspots & Hotzones

  • Authentication Portal - force for all non authenticated users.
  • Authentication Tokens - multiple network attributes can be used in user authentication requests e.g. Ethernet MAC, IP/CIDR, VLAN & more.
  • Host Multiple Virtual Hotspots - traffic separation based on SSID with each having different portal, branding & plans.
  • Fair-Use-Policy Support
  • Rate-Limit sessions - bandwidth shaping, time-of-day, day-of-week, peak & off-peak rules.
  • Real-time accounting with quota restrictions - enables prepay time & volume restricted services. RADIUS CoA support.
  • Personalized, per user IP filtering & routing
  • Per User Content Filtering - categories, whitelists & blacklists.
  • Lawful Monitoring - capture & logging of select protocols tagged with user identity.

Micro PCEF for Mobile to Wi-Fi Data Offload

  • Meter & enforce policy on offloaded traffic right at the edge without having to back-haul to GGSN/PDG. Retains full online charging capability when used in conjunction with UNIFY SMP. Please see mobile data offload solution for more details.

B-RAS for Fixed Broadband Networks

  • Works with FTTH (GPON/EPON) & DSL
  • Ideal for 1-10G edge aggregation in smaller distributed networks where bach-haul may be a challenge
  • PPPoE or IP aggregation
  • 24 x GE ports with 10G option
  • Comprehensive authentication, routing & filtering support
  • Multiple WAN uplink including load balancing WAN traffic
  • Per session policy enforcement - QoS, shaping & policing
  • Real-time metering with quota enforcement.
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Entry Level

S3 Service Router

Recommended for upto 1,000 BNG users Router, BNG & DPI in one box1 Gbps Peak throughput2.5 million packets per second4 million NAT sessions4 million DPI flows

Mid Range

M3 Service Router

Recommended for up to 15,000 usersRouter, BNG & DPI in one box1 Gbps Peak throughput2.5 million packets per second4 million NAT sessions4 million DPI flows

High Performance

L3 Service Router

Recommended for up to 32,000 users 40 Gbps Peak throughput 66 million packets per second 8 million NAT sessions 8 million DPI flows Supports High Availability

Software Defined Router

Virtual Router Platform

Available on VMWare® & Xen Server 80 Gbps Peak throughput60 million packets per second8 million NAT sessions8 million DPI flows

*Estimates are provided for convenience. User count is variable based on session data rate, concurrency of transmission and network policies that may vary from network to network.