Keylong Logging Platform

Keylong Logging Platform

Flow based logging solution for service providers that supports Syslog, IPFIX & Netflow


  • Multi protocol flow collection
  • Scalable flow storage to big data cluster
  • Highly availability architecture
  • Real-time analytics
  • Top traffic sources, applications & protocols
  • Export to external BI or Lawful Interception (LI) systems

Flow Collection & Storage

Keylong supports Syslog, IPFIX and NetFlow-9 based flows generated by routers, switches, CGN (CGNAT) systems, Broadband Network Gateways (BNG) and Wi-Fi controllers. The solution supports TCP, UDP, SCTP based log transport. Multiple flow collectors may be used and they can be scaled linearly, both vertically and horizontally. Designed with support for very high rate of incoming flows, Keylong uses big-data storage to log data which may be distributed geographically for endless scaling & availability.

Multi Vendor Support

Over 200 attributes are natively understood by Keylong. Additional standard attributes and vendor. Specific attributes can be added using data type mappings. Attributes can be applied to perform. Context specific search and analytics.

NAT Logs

With over 20 Syslog RFC standard formats for NAT, Keylong is ready for use in IPv6 transition and IPv4. Conservation projects including schemes such as SNAT and Deterministic NAT44.

Dashboard & Analytics

The Keylong web dashboard allows configuration of devices, users, flow rules & data stores. Access to the dashboard is secured using a user roles & rights system. ACLs & TLS provide additional security. Keylong analytics leverage several big-data technologies to store, retrieve, archive and index large volumes of flow data. This data is not locked in to a proprietary format hence allowing customers to easily access logs in a standardised manner. Keylong also supports both real-time and non-real-time analytics.


The flow processing engine can be configured to emit notifications, replicate flows or direct and store flows in additional locations based on attribute(s) matching.