Conflux CGN

Conflux CGN

Carrier Grade NAT & border router solution for Telecoms and
Internet Service Providers

Conserve IPv4, transition to IPv6

Conflux CGN allows networks to use large scale network address translation to conserve IPv4 addresses while simultaneously migrating subscribers to IPv6. IPv4 address optimization techniques implemented include 1:1 dynamic SNAT, deterministic NAT44 as well as the regular flow oriented NAT. The solution supports all major address family translation and tunnelling protocols such as NAT64, DNS64, DS-Lite, Lw4o6, 6rd and MAP-T. Built on top of Inventum's inventOS™, the solution also offers all standard border router features including dynamic routing, packet filtering, firewall and more.



Built on top of Inventum's inventOS™, Conflux also offers all standard border router features including dynamic routing, packet filtering, firewall and more.

inventOS™ features a Linux derived control plane that is easy to extend Conflux by adding software. The software defined, custom data plane leverage Intel’s DPDK and Inventum hardware to reliably deliver hundreds of gigabits of ultrafast performance.

High Availability

Conflux CGN units can be deployed in a N+1 high availability cluster that constantly synchronises session state. VRRP is used to provide interface and sub-interface level redundancy.

HA Modes

  • Master-Slave - all traffic is handled by a master device with another acting as a hot-backup.
  • NAT Function Specific HA - each device caters only to a specific translation. For example, one device handles all IPv6 AFTR, while the other handles all NAT44.


Advanced Logging

Conflux CGN provides flow logging required to comply with lawful interception and monitoring requirements of government agencies. The system exports both NAT log mappings as well as flow level data to multiple collectors. Paired with our Keylong Logging Platform, Inventum delivers a complete solution for service providers.

Border Router

IPv4 & IPv6, Bridging, QinQ, Static & Dynamic Routing (OSPF, BGP, RIP, RIPng), Policy Routing, MPLS LDP, IP Tunnelling (GRE), DHCP Server & Relay, NTP, PTP, Packet Matching, Stateful Firewall, NAT (1:n, m:n round robin), QoS, accounting, TACACS+ and more.

Application Layer Gateways

ALG support allows transparent NAT of applications such as TFTP, DNS, SIP, FTP, RTSP, H.323, ICMP, PPTP, Hairpin NAT, UPnP and many more.

Deterministic NAT44

In deterministic NAT mode, it is possible to configure a default overflow policy as well as push a per private IP address policy dynamically over RADIUS CoA - making the solution cater a wide variety of users with different service profiles mapped to same NAT profile. Advance SNMP as well as console based alerting mechanism allows early fault indicators to network administrators for insufficient pool configurations.


Conflux CGN L3 Series

  • High performance, ideal for large networks
  • 40 million NAT connections
  • Electrical & optical interfaces
  • Support for 1G, 10G & 40G interfaces