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Campus Broadband & Wifi Hotspot Solutions

Students, visitors & faculty, all on the same secure network with personalised policy restrictions.

Key Challenges

User Controls

Some users consuming all the bandwidth? Internet blackout during examinations? Location based access restrictions for students and other similar policy controls are some of the controls that campuses need.

Wi-Fi Visitor Pass

Securely allowing your visitors & contractors to use Internet access is another challenge. Most campuses share a common password (WPA2-PSK) which ends up being shared or public over time, providing little security.


With growing security concerns, particularly from unverified visitors in public hotspots, most campus owners are looking for ways to track the network activity of Wi-Fi users. Having logs to investigate cyber crimes is critical for any public hotspot.


Campuses often act as an ISP providing paid broadband services to on campus student housing and usage limited monthly plans. Managing the recurrent billing and collection of such services is a key challenge to monetization of services.

Portal & Dashboard

Self service tools to allow users to check their network activity, view usage, pay bills and change network passwords is crucial to running any public Internet hotspot service on campus.

Content Filtering

Complying with local laws and ensuring objectionable content is blocked is a key requirement of campus networks. There are today thousands of websites linked with terror networks and cyber crime which may adversely impact the student community.

MSG All-in-One Solution

Inventum's MSG gateways offer a single-stop solution for campus networks. The all-in-one appliance combines the functions of a router, firewall, NAC, user directory & more in a ready-to-deploy solution. Administrators can directly connect WAN & LAN links to the appliance for end-to-end operations & management of their Wi-Fi networks.


Key Features

  • All-in-one appliance to create a multi-use campus network
  • Many ways to register users and provide access
  • Hourly or hourly plans with bandwidth & download limits
  • Day pass for conferences & visitors
  • SSO with Microsoft™ Windows® Active Directory
  • Filter out objectionable content by specifying categories such as adult material
  • Prepay coupons, postpaid billing ∧ invoicing
  • Dashboard for users to check their usage, pay ∧ recharge
  • Investigate online fraud & e-fraud by keeping lawful logs
  • Works with any brand of Wifi access point (AP)
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UNIFY™ Live, zero capex cloud solution for campuses

UNIFY Live, zero capex cloud solution for campuses

Campuses with multiple locations can consider our zero capex cloud solution to get started immediately. The offering includes virtual routers as part of the subscription allowing any server on campus to be used as a gateway router for the hotspot(s). All other elements are managed via the UNIFY™ Cloud platform with no additional on-site hardware required. All you need are Wi-Fi access points to get started!

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